About William Francis

Prior to the birth of his daughter, William began journaling as a reprieve from the anxiety he felt towards the idea of his daughter arriving prematurely to an “irresponsible” dad. But when Abby was born, it was clear it would be William’s childish spirit that would build the foundation of their uniquely imaginative relationship.

He did as all parents do and read to his child and as she grew, so did her imagination. While Abby would recount tales of her expeditions, William would write them down and when little Nathan was born, and it became somewhat of an ongoing family tradition for the kids to sit and dream up stories for their father’s amusement. The three of them would pitch a tent in the living room, get out their sleeping bags and write out their stories. Some were silly, some were incomplete and some of the favorites became the inspiration for Ankle Biter Publishing Inc.

We hope you grow to love and cherish them and make them your own.

William resides with his wife and kids in Calgary, Alberta.