Ankle Biter Publishing Inc. is based out of Calgary, Alberta and is the brain-child of local author, William Francis. As far as inspiration goes, this is what William knows to be true:

“My stories just form out of thin air as I walk, drive, or ride my bike – some even come to me when I’m getting ready for bed. I see stories in everyday life happenings and my characters seem to emerge out of the people I meet. For example, Peter The Penguin, Grouch, Santa Man, Toucan, Y The Giraffe, Noah, Boot Camp and several others were inspired by conversations with my kids and their friends. Some stories treat me like a vessel and write themselves; others not so easy… I contemplated the story ‘Bobs your Uncle’ for about a year, and then one day it came to me, boom, the story was complete in an hour.

The series of Ski Patrol stories – such as The Moose on the Loose, Park Rats, Skis Skis Skis, and We Three Pee @ The Goat – all have a grain of truth to them and were inspired by my love for the mountains. I am currently working on one inspired by a friend of mine from my Ski Patrolling days. He is a character – as are his companions – making it easy to develop an entertaining story line.”